Welcome to My Mental Health Day

Hey, how’s it going?  . . . Bet there’s a good chance you’re stressed out.  Sure there’s good stress, and there’s bad stress too.  It isn’t so much about the kind of stress; it’s what you are doing to take care of yourself even as you have stress.  When’s the last time you took time for yourself?  When’s the last time you took a mental health day?  Wouldn’t that help?

Okay, maybe a whole day isn’t possible, maybe you can only take an hour or two.  Maybe you can only take a moment to do something that boosts your mental well-being.  However long you can manage, it is about you taking the time for you and doing things that are proven to boost your mental well-being. How about taking Saturday, May 28th as “My Mental Health Day”?

It may not be easy.  If it was easy, more of us would do it.

  • Need someone to give you permission?  We’re doing just that – you have permission!
  • Want to hear what other people (even some VIPs) are doing on My Mental Health Day?  Okay, check out these videos.
  • Need ideas about what you can do?  Sure thing, go ahead and “Choose Your Adventure”.  Just answer a few questions about what you enjoy and you’ll get some great ideas.
  • Want to get strategies sent directly to you and have a chance to win great mental wellness boosting prizes?  Buy a ticket (or several) to formally participate in the campaign.

Let’s make this work, together!

We hope you’ll take your “My Mental Health Day” with us on May 28th and we hope you’ll participate with us through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and this website.

We hope you’ll follow this blog to hear what’s going on with the campaign, to hear about some exciting ways to get involved, to get links to great information and to hear from guest bloggers about their thoughts on “My Mental Health Day”.

We hope you’ll leave comments and feedback about this blog, too!

Interested in being a guest blogger?  If so, let us know!

Take “My Mental Health Day” with us!

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