Golf for Mental Health?

For some, getting that small ball into what can seem like a tiny hole may be pretty stressful, but for others it is a great way to relax.  Here’s an article about the physical and mental health benefits of playing golf.  What do you think, is golf stressful or relaxing?

If you’re one of those folks who know that playing golf boosts your mental well-being or you’d like to try it out to see, go to Blue Mash Golf Course for “Syco De Mind-O” (sync your mind and body) tomorrow, May 5th.   Just mention MHA and Blue Mash will generously donate 15% of your greens fees to MHA!  Relax & Help Others – that’s two mental health boosting activities!

Want a whole year of golfing fun?  Buy a My Mental Health Day ticket for a chance to win an Any Day Membership to Blue Mash!  Ticket purchasers will also get emails with great mental health boosting tips and strategies.

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