Good Weather, Good Mental Health?

Research findings aren’t conclusive about connections between good weather and good mental health, but we do know that good weather creates opportunities for several mental wellness boosting activities.  Outdoor sports and exercise, gardening, open-air rest and relaxation all come to mind as wonderful ways to spend the day boosting mental well-being. 

According to weather experts, this whole weekend is supposed to be beautiful here in the DC region, with temperatures around 72 or 73 degrees Fahrenheit and low chances of spotty showers.   This is a great opportunity to practice those outdoor mental well-being boosting activities, even before My Mental Health Day.  Sure, we want you to take your My Mental Health Day with us on May 28th, but why limit ourselves to just that day.  The entire month of May is “Mental Health Month”, after all.  And lots of us could use the practice in taking time for ourselves.

And, if you need a little extra encouragement, the results of at least one report may be the answer.  What if these low 70’s temps we’re having are more than just ‘nice’?  What if they were ‘magic’?  Check out this report that cites one study that showed “… the more time people spent outdoors in the warm weather, the more their mood brightened.  Not only that, but their memory got a boost, and openness to new information also.  Just 30 minutes outside is enough to do the trick, but the temperature has to be just right – 72 degrees Fahrenheit seems to be the magic number.”

We’re not endorsing one study over another, but this whole campaign is about encouraging folks to engage in activities to support mental well-being – on May 28th and throughout the year!  If hearing that good weather improves mental wellness gets folks out and enjoying the day, particularly if that means doing mental well-being boosting activities, then we’re good with that!

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