Is all this New Technology & Social Media Stressing you?

Guest Blog Written by Cynthia Flanders, Founding Member of Skipjack Partners LLC and Member of the Board of Directors at Mental Health Association of Montgomery County (MHA).

Are you one of those people who still thinks an app is an abbreviation for a job application? Or Twitter is what birds do?  You’re not alone.  All of this new media, social media and technology can make an already stressful life even more stressed. OR, you can embrace it and learn to use it to make your life easier.  Here’s how:


  1. Accept that your computer, Mac, iphone, cell phone, and blackberry are not the enemy- they are your friends. 
  2. Sit down with someone you know and ask them to show you how to text, set up mailing lists, open a twitter or facebook account and learn how to use everything these devices have to offer.  Your best bet to find someone who can help?  Try someone under the age of 25, but there are techies of all ages.  Admit that you now only use 1% of all the features you have.  Once you’re all set up, you can send those important messages via one email, twitter or facebook posting!
  3. Set up all your files for both work and home on your computer or Mac. That’s right, get rid of all those piles in your office and your home. Scan them, save them and organize them into a file system you understand.  If necessary, go back to #2 and ask for help.
  4. Make sure to get a backup hard drive and use it! This will help eliminate any meltdown you may have if by some weird chance, your system crashes and burns. 

Now that you have everything at your fingertips, you will soon realize how much more organized, efficient and relaxed your life has become. You have so much more free time to enjoy your friends and family. You even have time to link into and tell everyone how you are going to spend your Mental Health Day on May 28th!!! 

You may even want to buy My Mental Health Day tickets.  You can get more emails – the helpful kind, about mental wellness AND a chance to win a great prize… like an iPad2 with Wi-Fi +3G and 64MG.  You’ll know much more about how great that is after you talk to that techie friend of yours.


Cynthia Flanders is a founding member of Skipjack Partners LLC and Member of the Board of Directors at Mental Health Association of Montgomery County (MHA).  Prior to founding Skipjack Partners, Ms. Flanders spent over 30 years with Bank of America and its predecessor organizations, where she held a series of positions of increasing responsibility.  Most recently, she served as the Global Commercial Banking Executive for the Bank’s Mid-Atlantic Region.

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