Happy Mother’s Day

We all owe a lot to our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and all the other amazing caregivers who have helped us grow and become the people we are today. Certainly none of us would be here without them. They held us when we cried. They guided us when we acted inappropriately. They taught us how to laugh, how to tie our shoes, how to fold our clothes, and—maybe most importantly–how to create art from macaroni noodles.

Motherhood is an exceptional responsibility and there is no greater joy than raising a child, but being a caregiver can also be difficult at times. It’s easy to get caught up in soccer practice and gymnastic class while figuring out what’s for dinner all at the same time.  Luckily there are many ways to reduce the stress of parenthood both for new mothers and for experienced caregivers. The most important thing is to remember that everyone needs a timeout (in a good way) every once in a while!

To all the dedicated caregivers out there: remember to take a minute for yourself today—relax, take a breath, and mosey in the beautiful sunshine. You deserve it!

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