Happy Father’s Day


I will always remember my Gramps for doing the impossible. Now in his 80’s, he is more of an inspiration than ever. At Christmas, he will climb a nine foot ladder to hang lights on the trim of the roof. During the summer after a day of driving into the woods, he will kneel for hours pitching the camping tent so my grandma and I will have a warm place to sleep. He gets up at 5am for his morning strolls and he breaks out the old gas grill when I come to visit. The men like this in each of our lives far outdo those with capes, masks, and fancy gadgets. They will always be our true superheroes.

Today we celebrate Father’s Day! We recognize these men—whether a father, grandfather, uncle, brother or caretaker—that have had a positive influence on our lives. They have given us guidance, lifted our spirits, and helped us through those childhood woes —molding us into the individuals we are today. No matter who the man may be in your life, today is the day to say “thank you.”  

Fatherhood is an exceptional responsibility. To all the dedicated caregivers out there: remember to take a minute for yourself today—relax, take a breath, and mosey in the beautiful sunshine. It’s going to be a beautiful weekend and you deserve it!


My Mental Helath Day Thanks:
Autumn Orme, Communications and Development Coordinator
Mental Health Association of Montgomery ounty

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