Everyone Needs a Mental Health Rx: A Mental Health Moment


How many times has someone asked you in passing, “How are you?” And you’ve responded with the common, “Good. How are you?”–even when you’re not feeling your best.   Our culture often doesn’t give us permission to share our frustrations, stress, or our fears and anxiety. We often want to be perceived as superheroes who can handle anything that comes our way.

But in reality we are all dealing with something, whether we are moving to a new home, getting married, struggling with a project at work, or feeling overwhelmed by demands from friends and family.  We often need a break from daily pressures and we rarely give ourselves permission to take one. The prescription: A Mental Health Moment…

The rest of the “Mental Health Moment” article is here, at HealthyPlace.com: America’s Mental Health Channel.  Healthy Place has begun a Stand up for Mental Health Campaign. Like our own My Mental Health Day Campaign, the initiative focuses on the reduction of stigma and asks people to share their stories, reminding us all that everyone has a mental health to nurture.


Remember: additional wellness tips from the My Mental Health Day campaign can be found at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

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