Do You Wear Pajamas to Work?


Aly Jacobs at MIX 107.3 Morning Show
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The first question I always get regarding my morning show job is, “how on earth do you wake up at 3:30 in the morning?!” That question is always followed by “when do you have to be at work? When does the show end? Do you wear pajamas to work? It must get easier, right?” To put it lightly and g-rated, no it does not get easier…and no I do not wear pajamas to work…anymore. Over the eight years of my career as an on-air morning show personality, there are ways that I have learned how to deal with the stress of the monster that is my 3:30am alarm.

I remember the first time my alarm clock went off at 3:30 in the morning. I was a junior in college.  I looked at the obnoxiously beeping clock like it had 3 heads…like it was speaking a foreign language (other than Spanish)…like it was trying to explain to me the Sequester (yeah I still don’t get it). Eight years later and my alarm is still working- louder than ever.  I used to just come home and sleep the day away after work and in between my classes. That was leaving me groggy, angry, and I was beginning to “sleep eat.” For those who have never woken up from sleep elbows deep in a bag of chips–you’re lucky. It was not a pretty sight. That is when I realized that I needed to channel my “job hour” stress elsewhere. I am head over heels for radio and what I get to do for a living, so I just needed to figure out a way to stay healthy- mentally and physically.

Six years ago I discovered running, and my life has never been the same since. Every day I head to the gym either right after work to sweat out the stress from the day…or, I will take a quick nap and rather than eat or drink my way through the day, I will meet friends at the gym and make it my social activity for the night! From Bosu Bootcamp to Bikram Yoga, Zumba class, or a long run around the Nation’s Capital, working out not only keeps me in shape, but it gives me the mental clarity that I need to stay balanced with my unusual work schedule.

Incorporating exercise into my daily routine has also changed my eating habits. I now love to cook and experiment with different recipes (see below for one of my favorites)! From Cauliflower Crusted Pizza to Kale Chips- cooking is therapeutic and fun…especially after you sweated out the stress earlier! Sure waking up at 3:30 isn’t ideal- but when you find ways to channel the negative into something positive, well then life is pretty great!

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recipe--Aly Jacobs


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