Stress in the Land of Mommy (or Daddy)? …Follow the Mellow Tips Road

yello brickChildren bring countless blessings into our lives: joy, love, pride, and the many other gifts derived from the bond between parent and child. However, the commitment and responsibility of nurturing and raising another human being from infancy to adulthood can also cause an enormous amount of stress and anxiety. Though each mother may experience a range of unique stressors, many demands of motherhood are nearly universal. Here are a few practical steps to keep unwarranted stress away:

1. Take Time For Yourself

First and foremost, remember to take care of yourself. Flight attendants ask you to secure your own facemask before helping others because you need to be healthy and able to care for your loved ones. Plan a girls night; take a bubble bath; go for a spa day; meet friends for lunch; take an after dinner walk—whether you take a whole day or just a few minutes, you need and deserve a little time to yourself.

2. Keep Lists and Get Organized

With soccer practice, grocery shopping, ballet recital, and a visit to Grandma’s house all on the agenda, it is easy to forget the little tasks that may slip through the cracks. Lists can be helpful when planning weekly meals and tracking all the errands that need to be made. These lists can eliminate multiple trips to the store and help you keep running around to a minimum. Lists help you stay on task and avoid forgetting important responsibilities. Plus, it always feels good to cross something off your list after completing it. (Save room in your purse and eliminate the paper—there are great Apps for making lists.)

3. Don’t Forget Romance

The relationship between you and your children is one of the most important and greatest bonds. You also have friends to stay in touch with, employers/employees to keep happy, and parents to care for. With all the relationship upkeep, it is easy to forget your significant other. Remember that romance is an incredible stress reducer and your partner can be an excellent source of comfort and support during overwhelming moments.

4. Know When to Say No

You are a super mom! But it’s ok to admit that you do not have super powers. It is impossible to be two places at once or accomplish more than one person could ever do. Consider declining favors asked of you, reschedule events, or delegate tasks. Having trouble saying “no,” instead try saying “I’m sorry, that just doesn’t work for me.”

5. Seek Support

There is no need to do it all by yourself. Your partner, family, friends, neighbors, and even your older kids can be great resources in times of need. There are also cheap and handy services that can assist in daily chores—use a grocery delivery service, shop online, or every so often call a professional cleaning service. Remind yourself that you can seek support and shouldn’t have to do it all by yourself. Mothers everywhere sympathize with your hefty responsibilities—reach out and ask for help.


Happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful, hard working moms and caretakers out there. None of us would be here without you!


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