20 Ideas for a Stress-Free Staycation this Summer


We all need to get away sometimes, but the reality is that life doesn’t always let us escape for long, expensive vacations. Perhaps your spouse is in school or the kind of job that leaves limited free time. Maybe you just graduated college and don’t have a lot of funds set aside for plane tickets and hotel expenses. Perhaps you prefer not to travel long distances with your children. Maybe you are taking care of an ailing parent. Or maybe, as much as you try, balancing work and life isn’t as easy as you would like.

These very real situations make it all the more important to remember that there are lots of little adventures that fit into our busy schedules. So if you don’t have a vacation already planned for this summer, take one of these staycations—because you deserve it!  And, just like a vacation, don’t forget to block out the time on your calendar.

Play a round of mini golf

Spend a day at a local pool

 Find a trail and go hiking or for a walk

Go for a bike ride/wagon ride with your family

Go camping

Rent a canoe or kayak and go for a little ride

Rent some fishing poles and go fishing

Go to the zoo

 Visit a national park

 Go to a baseball game

 Visit a farmer’s market and make a meal

 Take a historical tour of your city

Go to a science or space museum

Visit an aquarium

Go to a drive-in movie theater (don’t forget to bring snacks from home!)

 Take a tour of your city’s capital building (call before you go)

Set up a tent in your backyard and have a slumber party

Find free movies in the park (they are usually hosted by the city)

 Go star gazing.  Find maps and look for constellations

Stay the night with Grandma & Grandpa, with an Aunt or Uncle, or with a good friend

*If you have a great idea for a summer staycation, please feel free to share it with us! 

One Response to “20 Ideas for a Stress-Free Staycation this Summer”

  1. Diane Stahl says:

    I love walking around Rockville Town Square and enjoying the free concerts and movies.

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