What’s it about? About My Mental Health Day

My Mental Health Day is a year-round wellness campaign all about taking time for yourself and learning to maintain balanced mental health. Take time for yourself every day. Whether you take a whole day, an hour, or simply a mental health moment, any time taken to nurture your mental well-being will be time well spent.

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My Mental Health Day is a campaign of…

Mental Health Association of Montgomery County (MHA)

Funds raised through the campaign will support MHA and make possible the continuation of the organization’s valuable services. Not only do you get the great benefits of taking time for yourself, but you get to say you helped people – real people living in Montgomery County and the metro DC area.

MHA’s 8 direct service programs have a variety of clients, all of which are among Montgomery County’s most vulnerable citizens. Here are some stories of how MHA has helped members of our community:

  • A teen caller to MHA’s 24/7 hotline was contemplating suicide because of bullying. After supportive listening and intervention from a trained volunteer, the teen calmed down and was then able to talk to his mom about being bullied and asked her to reach out to his school for help.
  • An 80-year homebound woman with no family was lonely and feeling isolated. She is now receiving weekly visits from an MHA volunteer who cares about her, makes her smile, and has become her connection to the world.
  • A mother fled to the DC area because of torture and mistreatment in her home country in West Africa. In addition to receiving trauma therapy from a caring social worker, MHA helped her achieve political asylum.
  • A man with bipolar who receives disability payments was unable to manage his daily finances. For the past nine years, an MHA volunteer has been paying his bills and helping him live within his budget.

So what is Mental Health Association of Montgomery County?

MHA is a private, nonprofit organization which promotes mental wellness and supports those living with mental illness by sponsoring and implementing education, advocacy and community service programs. MHA currently manages 8 major direct service programs for children, teens, families, senior adults, as well as individuals with long-term mental illness. In addition to direct service programming, MHA offers community education to: reduce stigma, empower the community with information on identifying mental illness, provide information about the ways to support mental wellness and connect individuals with needed mental health resources.

Visit www.mhamc.org to learn more.

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