MMHD Supporters

There are many opportunities to support the My Mental Health Day campaign. Below are some of our community supporters. Without your help, we can’t reach as many people or spread wellness as far as we hope. And join the list of people below who have supported the My Mental Health Day Campaign.

In-Kind Donors

Restaurants, retailers and organizations from around the country donate gifts to the campaign each year. These gifts allow us to engage more people in the campaign, which helps reduce stigma and spreads wellness ideas throughout our community. Help us by becoming an In-Kind Donor.


Community Supporters

By donating to the campaign, you are supporting efforts to spread mental wellness throughout the country. We need to tell people how important it is to recognize our own limitations and the need to take time for ourselves every day. Through spreading this message, we hope to ultimately reduce stigma surrounding mental illness and help people have a better quality of life.

Help us by becoming a community supporter. And join the list of people who have supported the My Mental Health Day Campaign.

List of Community Supporters

  • Melvin Adams
  • Eva Brooks
  • Eileen Dillon
  • Roy and Julie Eskow
  • Amy Fink
  • Bernard Hollander
  • Alyson Jacobs
  • Ellen Lanahan
  • Autumn Orme
  • Carla Satinsky
  • Gary Siegel
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