Stop Running the Bases and Take a Time Out

Reality (Or some version of it): Wake up. Get stuck in traffic. Work 10 hours.Get stuck in traffic again. Take kids to practice. Mow the lawn. Make dinner. Do laundry. Go to Bed. Wake Up. Repeat.

8418562740_1b3a13e0b0_zIn our always-be-productive, never-relax world, it is increasingly difficult to step away from reality and force ourselves to take a break.  However, today’s stressful lifestyle is exactly why we SHOULD do something to take time for ourselves. A hobby gives us a break from reality, a sense of accomplishment, new skills, expanded horizons, fun friendships, and reduced stress.

Hobbies have no deadlines, no rules, and no pressure to be successful. They are simply yours and yours alone. There is no boss to tell you how to do something “right.” And you only need to do your best and enjoy it—a stark contrast from everyday life. Remember the hobby that you love and use it as an excuse to take a break from reality:

  • Sports: Team events and sporting engagements are an excellent means of making new friends and reducing stress whether you are watching a game or playing it. Cheering for your home team allows you to engage with others that appreciate sportsmanship and have an affinity for your team, while playing the game helps develop new skills and promotes physical fitness.
  • Crafts: Painting, sculpting, writing, photography—all provide a sense of personal achievement. Art allows you to express your emotions while providing an outlet. In addition, the completed product gives you something special to enjoy and share with others.
  • Music: While listening to music can be relaxing and calm anxiety,   creating
  • A break from everyday realities can lead to endless possibilities—horseback riding, doing puzzles, gardening, traveling, or even hitting the next big home run. Each hobby has its own benefit and it is up to each of us to find the activity that fits best. Everyone’s likes, needs, and schedules are different but no matter what your preference and time constraints, there is bound to be a hobby that is perfect for can also be a powerful stress reducer. Playing an instrument can absorb your full attention, taking  your mind off of daily inconveniences and serving as a vehicle  of expression.


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