Refresh Your Mind and Body This Spring!

Spring is here and it’s time to do a little spring cleaning. No, I’m not talking about cleaning out the pantry or the bookshelf. I’m talking about us. With our busy lives it can be hard to carve out time to take proper care of ourselves and push out all the toxic energy in and around us. We need to completely cleanse our system every once in a while, and Spring is the perfect time for a fresh start. Here are some ways we can detoxify the body, mind and soul.


Cleanse Your Body

Unfortunately our bodies can’t hide a toxic lifestyle. It’s very easy to see the effects of a stressful life on our bodies, often showing as low energy, inability to sleep and so on. What can we do to get that spring back in our step?

Detoxifying Exercises

High energy exercises: I.E. cardio! Although cardio exercises might seem like an impossible feat for those of us already struggling with low energy, it’s actually the best thing! Increased heart rate during cardio exercise can release endorphins, also known as the happy hormone, which amps us up and keeps us happy.

  • Tai-chi: This slow, controlled form of martial arts with powerful breathing techniques is very relaxing. It helps to lower blood pressure and is very easy to incorporate into a busy life.
  • Yoga: This is an obvious remedy for refreshing the mind and body. It is a guaranteed stress reliever (talking from experience!) and also a very good way to get into shape!

Give some of these detoxifying exercises a try:

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Detox Baths

  • Sea Salt Detox Bath: This detox bath has been around for hundreds of years. This is a very relaxing bath that helps pull out toxins from the body. It livens up our skin and leaves us with more energy throughout the day.
  • Ginger Detox Bath: This is similar to a sauna. Sweat out toxins with this great bath that will leave us with a lot more energy to use. It also helps with knocking out cold symptoms.

Check out more bath ideas and recipes here:
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Refresh Your Mind

Our thoughts and mind state control our well-being a lot more than we think, so a relaxed mind will most likely lead to a relaxed everything else. How can we break away from our toxic minds and keep anxiety at bay? Here are a few tips that have worked for me:

  • Keep first things first: Prioritizing our schedules can really keep us on track and stop us from having stressful breaks throughout the day. When we know what we have to do, when we have to do it and how much time we need for it, our mental boats can sail a lot smoother.
  • Give yourself a star: Treat yourself like you’re a little kid again and give yourself a star. Keep track of your improvements regularly so you can see how far you’ve come to realizing any of your goals. Also, be sure to celebrate all of your victories – no matter how small! This is a good way to ward off anxiety when you think you’re not doing enough to get to where you want to be.
  • Complete it from A to Z: Finish what you start. It’s a very simple thing that could shed loads of anxiety. Whenever we complete something we start, we don’t have to worry about it later, instead we can just sit back and relax.

More ideas for a mental detox:
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Recenter Spiritually

My top tip for feeling re-centered spiritually is to remind myself to be thankful for what I already have, rather than continuing to focus only on the things that I want. A great idea for this is to keep a gratitude journal. Giving thanks is something we tend to overlook. The power and peace that comes from just appreciating what we already have can clear our minds of negative energy. We all need a little encouraging advice on this spiritually healthy habit. My Tips for Journaling:

  • It’s not a competition: Don’t compare your journal to anyone else’s. It’s YOUR journal! It doesn’t need to be a J.K. Rowling book. Write what you feel as if no one else will ever read it.
  • No word count: You can write as much or as little as you want, it doesn’t have to be a five page essay. Remember, it isn’t about how much you write, it’s about the meaning each word has to you.
  • Turn off your timer: Most people, if not all, need time for their words to flow out of their brains, through their pens (or keyboard) and onto their paper (or computer) and that’s okay. Don’t make writing in your journal a timed affair. Write until you have put down everything you wanted to.

Tips on keeping a gratitude journal:
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Guest Blogger:

Komilla Karim

Communications Intern

Mental Health Association of Montgomery County

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